What is Fanfare music?

We are all familiar with different kinds and genres of music like hip-hop, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel music and the rest of them. However, there are other types of music beyond this regular genre, and this includes chamber music and Fanfare music.

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The military usually uses fanfare music during marching parades or special events. The British army, for example, has special fanfare teams consisting of four and eight trumpet players to play fanfares. . .
German Music

Where to Hear German Music in The States

At times we find ourselves in need to connect with our roots after being away from our mother country for an extended period. Supposing you are a German or a person with a keen interest in German heritage residing in the United States, this article is meant for you.


Best Music Venues In Germany

Germany is one of the best places to catch the best of funs in the whole of Europe. Ranging from sport, music, kiddies shows, etc. the city of Berlin, is one of the best places that offers unique experiences, a city of great combination of nationalities and ideologies, artistic values and historical effects.


Musical Concert? Online? or Military Marching Band?

Fanfare music is a genre that evolved from the 16th century to this day. Fanfare music is now used today as music at the beginning of television and radio news programs, video games, the introduction of an honoured person and also for military marching bands.


The 20th century German music broke further ground music.

East Germany contributed to the music world in the form of Rammstein of the 1990’s, an outfit that had no limitation.