German Musicians

German Musicians Against the Cold War

European people were tired after two World Wars that mostly happens in the territory of Europe. As a result, they wanted to end up the Cold War peacefully. Pop and rock music had a huge impact on this revolutionary movement, especially in eastern European countries. The secret German police called the Stasi tried to catch […]

Traits Of Germanic Folk Music

The enchantingly sunny sounds of Germanic folk are undeniable once they hit your ears. Bright, joyful and melodic these songs of the old country are remarkably dissimilar to many other types of music. Modernised songs have a much different structure and rely heavily on the sounds of the instruments compared to the solid vocals heard […]

Is Ska Modern Fanfare?

Fanfare music has some very notable components that make it stick out from other genres. Along with a large outfit of musicians and a pounding drum beat one of the most recognisable parts of fanfare is the trumpets. Though these blaring brass horns can be used for more solemn occasions in a fanfare they signify […]

Variations of German Electronica

Out of all the genres of modern music, Germans have always had a particular grasp of electronics. When the ability to create new sounds with electronic synthesizers came onto the modern market it seems as if the government was handing them out to musicians everywhere because the surge of electronic sounds that poured out of […]