German Electronica

Variations of German Electronica

Out of all the genres of modern music, Germans have always had a particular grasp of electronics. When the ability to create new sounds with electronic synthesizers came onto the modern market it seems as if the government was handing them out to musicians everywhere because the surge of electronic sounds that poured out of […]


German Hip Hop

Though you may be more familiar with the country yodels of rural Germany or the dark pounding industrial of Germany’s successful rock bands, there is of course middle ground. Hip hop is not commonly associated with the country and yet there are various well established artists who make music in this genre, despite the rest […]


Fanfare Music & Marching Bands – Part 1

There is nothing quite like a marching band, it is a whole pantomime of color, music, pageantry and tradition. And of course, the brass instruments together with the drums are pivotal to the whole occasion. Marching bands started when armies went into war and they would herald the advance of the troops. It is hardly […]