Great German Composers

Looking through history, we will discover that Germany as a country had produced a lot of artists that has contributed to a positive change in the musical industry and changed the face of western music. When we talk of music, the Germans cannot be overlooked, as they have been the one of the best at […]


Best Music Venues In Germany

Germany is one of the best places to catch the best of funs in the whole of Europe. Ranging from sport, music, kiddies shows, etc. the city of Berlin, is one of the best places that offers unique experiences, a city of great combination of nationalities and ideologies, artistic values and historical effects. It is […]


What is Fanfare music?

We are all familiar with different kinds and genres of music like hip-hop, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel music and the rest of them. However, there are other types of music beyond this regular genre, and this includes chamber music and Fanfare music. Fanfare music also called fanfare or flourish a short musical flourish usually played […]



The 458 Spider’s unique hard top doesn’t deform because of the pressure field that builds up at high speeds either. Cabin space and comfort are actually improved thanks to the roof’s double curvature, an element made possible by its aluminium.


WHERE TO HEAR Fanfare Bands play

Fanfare bands regarded as a particular type of marching and military band that plays for public occasions, entertainment, gatherings as well as competing in different competitions. The group evolved from the medieval ensembles of drums and trumpets, in the choruses of horns and timpani were common in the bands of Cavalry Regiments. Fanfare bands using […]