The Influence of German Music Around the World

Studies have shown that Germany as a country is the third biggest consumer of music in the world behind the USA and Japan. It is apparent that, in Germany, music is big business. Perhaps this is because some of the most legendary names in classical music originate from Deutschland, or maybe it’s down to the […]

Bavarian Dances

Traditional German Dances

German Culture Germany is renowned all around the world for the Oktoberfest. This amazing celebration is a festival where traditional food and drinks are served. Besides this, you get the chance to see many traditional costumes from all the regions of Germany. But probably the most interesting thing to see are the dances. Germany has […]


Best Music Venues In Germany

Germany is one of the best places to catch the best of funs in the whole of Europe. Ranging from sport, music, kiddies shows, etc. the city of Berlin, is one of the best places that offers unique experiences, a city of great combination of nationalities and ideologies, artistic values and historical effects. It is […]



The 458 Spider’s unique hard top doesn’t deform because of the pressure field that builds up at high speeds either. Cabin space and comfort are actually improved thanks to the roof’s double curvature, an element made possible by its aluminium.